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Most Frequent Questions

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Yes, but you should send the traffic to a pre-sale page like a video guide, or free sample to warm the visitors and get their attention.

Absolutely! We have an excessive amount of real traffic that comes through our domain network. All we do is forward some of this to you.

Many web traffic providers, particularly the cheaper one use bots to deliver the traffic to your website. This traffic is worthless and will not generate any results. Our traffic is from genuine people and will create real, measurable results for your business.

Usually the traffic delivery will begin within 48 hours.

This depends on the quantity of traffic you’ve ordered but we can usually complete any sized order within 60 days.

Yes, we do not work with sites with any viruses, bad software, Trojans or worms and we will not work with any site’s containing racially discriminating, violent, or illegal content.

Although most traffic suppliers are just sending fake or bot traffic through an elaborate scheme, we do not!
Our traffic is verified and delivered to your website bot free. You will receive only 100% real human traffic.

Since our traffic is real visitors, it will all be tracked and visible on any analytics program you install on your website.

You will receive at least as much daily traffic as specified in your selected plan each and every day that your account is active. Some days you may even receive more than your alotted traffic. Don’t worry, this extra traffic is absolutely free!

100% Real Human Visitors!

We help our customers generate traffic for their websites. Through our extensive network of high authority websites we are able to deliver an abundance of visitors to websites of all types of categories. Our traffic is guaranteed to be 100% real visitors! All traffic goes through a security scan ensuring it to be free of fake or bot traffic.


Specify the country and keywords you want for laser focused website traffic.


Begin receiving targeted traffic to your website within an hour and it will continue daily while your order is active.


Watch traffic on Google analytics to see where you need to optimize your site for maximum revenue.